Sibyl Collins

#1469, b. 1638, d. 3 June 1672
FatherDeacon Edward Collins b. 25 Mar 1603, d. 9 Apr 1689
MotherMartha Baylie b. 20 Feb 1609/10, d. 22 Mar 1699/0


Rev. John Whiting b. c 1635, d. 8 Sep 1689


     Sibyl Collins was born in England in 1638.1,2 She married in Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass, circa 1654, Rev. John Whiting, son of William Whiting and Susanna (?).3,4,5,6 She died in Hartford, Hartford, Conn on 3 June 1672.7,8

Other Events

     Sibyl and her parents emigrated from England to Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass, in 1639.9 Sibyl and her family moved from Cambridge to Hartford, Hartford, Conn, circa 1660.10,11,8 Sibyl's brother Nathaniel married her husband's sister Mary Whiting.
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