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#1460, b. 25 March 1603, d. 9 April 1689
FatherJohn Collins b. c 1570, d. 15 Oct 1613
MotherMagdalen Trelhern b. 28 Apr 1577, d. 19 Aug 1649


Martha Baylie b. 20 Feb 1609/10, d. 22 Mar 1699/0


     Deacon Edward Collins was baptized in Bramford, Suffolk, England on 25 March 1603.43 He married in Framlingham, Suffolk, England, 20 November 1628, Martha Baylie, daughter of Francis Baylie.43 He died in Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass, on 9 April 1689.44,12

Other Events

     Martha and Deacon Edward Collins and their children emigrated from England to Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass, in 1639.22 Deacon Edward Collins became a Freeman at Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass., on 13 May 1640.45 He became a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts in 1641.17 His estate was probated at Middlesex, Mass, on 17 December 1689; Mass Probate Records, 7:52, case #4831. Edward was a merchant and land owner. Two of his sons were ministers (John and Nathaniel), and two of his daughters married ministers (Sybil, wife of Rev. John Whiting, and Martha, wife of Rev. Joshua Moody). All four men were Harvard graduates. Two of his sons were merchants (Daniel and Samuel), and one of his daughters married a merchant (Abigail, wife of Capt. Lawrence Hammond). Edward outlived all of his children except Samuel.

John Collins (who was Baptised in Ipswich, England, in 1607) was a brother of Deacon Edward Collins. Whether or not this brother and John Collins (the shoemaker of Boston) are the same person has been debated for over 100 years. Definitive evidence is still lacking. The assumption is made here that they are the same person.

Time Line

Baptism1603, Bramford, Suffolk, England43
Marriage1628, Framlingham, Suffolk, EnglandMartha Baylie43
Birth of Son1629, EnglandDaniel Collins46
Birth of Son1632, Framlingham, Suffolk, EnglandRev. John Collins47
Birth of Son1636, Framlingham, Suffolk, EnglandSamuel Collins48
Birth of Daughter1638, EnglandSibyl Collins49,50
Emigration1639, Cambridge, Middlesex, MassMartha Baylie22
Birth of Daughter1639, Cambridge, Middlesex, MassMartha Collins51,52,53
Freeman1640, Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass45
Milit-Beg1641, Ancient and Honorable17
Birth of Son1642, Cambridge, Middlesex, MassRev. Nathaniel Collins51,52,53
Birth of Daughter1644, Cambridge, Middlesex, MassAbigail Collins54,52,53
Birth of Sonc 1646, Cambridge, Middlesex, MassEdward Collins52
Death of Daughter1672, Hartford, Hartford, ConnSibyl Collins55,56
Death of Daughter1674, Charlestown, Middlesex, MassAbigail Collins57
Death of Son1684, Middletown, Middlesex, ConnRev. Nathaniel Collins58,59
Death of Son1687, London, EnglandRev. John Collins60,61,62
Death1689, Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass44,12
Probate1689, Middlesex, Mass
ChartsDescendants of John Collins
Male Descendants of John Collins
Deacon's Descendants
Pedigree of Edward Collins Whitmore
Pedigree of Caspar Wever Collins
Pedigree of Daugherty Collins
Pedigree of Edward Collins
Pedigree of Hannah Collins
Pedigree of Robert Frank Collins
Pedigree of Rodney Arthur Collins
Pedigree of Thaddeus Collins
Pedigree of Sarah Josephine Gardner
Pedigree of Rutherford Hayes, Sr.
Pedigree of Samuel Russell
Pedigree of Frank Farnsworth Starr
Pedigree of William Collins Whitney
FlaviaCollins-Daniel Quartus Collins
Edwin O Collins-FF Starr
Robert Collins-Edward Collins
Edward + 1G
Edward + 2G
Edward + 3G
Edward + 4G
Edward + 5G
Abigail (8)
Daniel (11)
Edward (9)
John (18)
Mary (20)
Nathaniel (9)
William (14)


Probate Found
Member of AHAC
Y-DNA Male


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