Samuel Bryan1,2,3,4,5,6

#1620, b. 1660, d. circa 1698
FatherRichard Bryan b. c 1626, d. b 13 Aug 1689
MotherMary Pantry b. 1629, d. b 15 Jul 1679


Martha Whiting b. 1661, d. c Jul 1741


     Samuel Bryan was born at Milford, New Haven, Conn, on 2 April 1660.7 He was baptized at Milford, New Haven, Conn, in 1660.7 He married in Milford, New Haven, Conn, on 25 December 1683 Martha Whiting, daughter of Rev. John Whiting and Sibyl Collins.8 He died circa 1698.3

Other Events

     Alexander Bryan and Samuel Bryan were brothers. Their wives were sisters.
ChartsDescendants of Alexander Bryan
Descendants of William Pantry
Descendants of William Whiting
Deacon's Descendants
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