Samuel Collins1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

#1468, b. 2 August 1636, d. 10 January 1695/96
FatherDeacon Edward Collins b. 25 Mar 1603, d. 9 Apr 1689
MotherMartha Baylie b. 20 Feb 1609/10, d. 22 Mar 1699/0


Mary Marvin b. 23 Oct 1636, d. 5 Mar 1713/14


     Samuel Collins was baptized in Framlingham, Suffolk, England on 2 August 1636.10 He married in Saybrook, Middlesex, Conn, circa 1663, Mary Marvin, daughter of Reinold Marvin and Marie/Mary (?).11 He died in Middletown, Middlesex, Conn, on 10 January 1695/96; Per grave marker.12 He was buried in Riverside Cemetery Middletown, Middlesex, Conn, on 12 January 1695/96.13

Other Events

     Samuel and his parents emigrated from England to Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass, in 1639.14 Samuel visited his brother John in Scotland in 1658.3,4 Samuel and his family moved from Cambridge to Middletown, Middlesex, Conn., in 1665.15 Samuel Collins and his brother Nathaniel became Freemen at Hartford, Hartford, Conn, on 9 May 1667.16 Samuel Collins' estate was inventoried for probate in Middletown, Middlesex, Conn on 1 February 1695/96.17,18 Note that both Samuel Collins and his brother Rev. Nathaniel Collins had daughters named Abigail, Martha, Mary, and Sybil. They were all born, baptized, and most were married in Middletown over approximately the same time period. Some accounts attribute a given husband to the wrong family.
ChartsDescendants of John Collins
Descendants of Edward Marvin
Male Descendants of John Collins
Deacon's Descendants
Pedigree of Edward Collins Whitmore
Pedigree of Frank Farnsworth Starr
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Edward + 5G
Abigail (8)
Daniel (11)
Edward (9)
Mary (20)


Probate Found
Y-DNA Male
Middletown First Settler
F-A-G Memorial Found


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