Rev. Thomas Shepard1,2,3,4,5,6,7

#3028, b. 5 November 1605, d. 28 August 1649

Spouse 1

Margaret Touteville d. Feb 1635/36

Spouse 2

Joanna Hooker b. c 1622, d. c 1646


     Rev. Thomas Shepard was born on 5 November 1605 at England. He married Margaret Touteville circa 1630 at England. Rev. Thomas Shepard married Joanna Hooker, daughter of Rev. Thomas Hooker, circa 1638 at Mass. Rev. Thomas Shepard died on 28 August 1649 at Mass at age 43.

Other Events

     Margaret and Rev. Thomas Shepard and their children emigrated from England to Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass, arriving 3 October 1635 in the Defence.8 In 1636, Rev. Thomas Shepard succeeded Rev. Thomas Hooker as minister at the First Church of Christ in Cambridge. Rev. Thomas Hooker had left the previous year with many of the congregation and settled in Hartford, Conn. Rev. Thomas Shepard became a Freeman at Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass on 3 March 1635/36.9 Rev. Thomas Shepard was the minister of the First Church of Christ, Cambridge, from 1636 until he died in 1649. Rev. Thomas Shepard was succeeded by Rev. Jonathan Mitchell, who remained there until he died in 1668.

Time Line

Birth1605, England
Marriagec 1630, EnglandMargaret Touteville
Birth of Son1635, EnglandRev. Thomas Shepard
Emigration1635, Cambridge, Middlesex, MassMargaret Touteville8
Move-to1635, Hartford, Hartford, ConnRev. Thomas Hooker
Death of Wife1636, Cambridge, Middlesex, MassMargaret Touteville
Freeman1636, Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass9
Marriagec 1638, MassJoanna Hooker
Death1649, Mass
ChartsDescendants of Thomas Shepard




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