Mary Russell

#2268, b. 21 May 1686, d. 23 January 1738
FatherPhilip Russell b. c 1629, d. 16 May 1693
MotherMary Church b. 17 Sep 1656


Joseph Root b. 13 Jul 1686, d. 9 Feb 1728


     Mary Russell was born on 21 May 1686.1 She married Joseph Root, son of Joseph Root and Hannah (?), on 16 February 1710 at Hatfield, Hampshire, Mass.2,3,1 Mary Russell died on 23 January 1738 at Sunderland, Franklin, Mass, at age 51.2,3,1

Other Events

     In 1717, Mary and her family moved from Hatfield, to Sunderland, Franklin, Mass.3

Time Line

Marriage1710, Hatfield, Hampshire, MassJoseph Root2,3,1
Birth of Daughter1711, Hatfield, Hampshire, MassMary Root2,4,1
Birth of Son1713, Hatfield, Hampshire, MassJoseph Root2,4,1
Birth of Son1716, Hatfield, Hampshire, MassJonathan Root2,5,1
Move-to1717, Sunderland, Franklin, MassJoseph Root3
Birth of Daughter1718, Sunderland, Franklin, MassHannah Root2,6,7
Birth of Daughter1720, Sunderland, Franklin, MassEunice Root8,6,7
Birth of Daughter1722, Sunderland, Franklin, MassLydia Root8,9,7
Birth of Daughter1724, Sunderland, Franklin, MassMartha Root8,10,7
Death of Husband1728, Sunderland, Franklin, MassJoseph Root2,3,1
Death1738, Sunderland, Franklin, Mass2,3,1
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