Nathaniel Collins

#1652, b. 17 August 1709, d. 5 December 1787
FatherRev. Nathaniel Collins b. 13 Jun 1677, d. 31 Dec 1756
MotherAlice Adams b. 3 Apr 1682, d. 19 Feb 1734/35


Abigail Pease b. 7 Jun 1708, d. 1 May 1792


     Nathaniel Collins was born at Enfield, Hartford, Conn, on 17 August 1709.1,2 He married in Enfield, Hartford, Conn, on 6 July 1735 Abigail Pease, daughter of James Pease and Hannah Hamm; Wakefield says 17 Jul.3,2 He died at Enfield, Hartford, Conn, on 5 December 1787 at age 78.4,2

Time Line

Birth1709, Enfield, Hartford, Conn1,2
Marriage1735, Enfield, Hartford, ConnAbigail Pease3,2
Birth of Son1735, Enfield, Hartford, ConnEliphalet Collins5,2
Birth of Son1737, Enfield, Hartford, ConnNathaniel Collins6,2
Death of Son1737, Enfield, Hartford, ConnEliphalet Collins7,2
Birth of Daughter1739, Enfield, Hartford, ConnAbigail Collins6,2
Birth of Daughter1741, Enfield, Hartford, ConnAlice Collins6,2
Birth of Daughter1743, Enfield, Hartford, ConnJerusha Collins6,2
Death of Daughter1743, Enfield, Hartford, ConnJerusha Collins8,2
Birth of Son1744, Enfield, Hartford, ConnEliphalet Collins9,2
Birth of Daughter1747, Enfield, Hartford, ConnJerusha Collins9,2
Death of Son1748, Enfield, Hartford, ConnNathaniel Collins8,2
Birth of Daughter1748, Enfield, Hartford, ConnMary Collins9,2
Death1787, Enfield, Hartford, Conn4,2
ChartsDescendants of William Adams
Descendants of William Bradford
Descendants of Thomas Richards
Descendants of William Whiting
Male Descendants of John Collins
Descendants of John Pease
Deacon's Descendants
Edward + 3G
Edward + 4G
Edward + 5G
Abigail (8)
Mary (20)
Nathaniel (9)


Y-DNA Male


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