Caleb Moody1,2,3

#2684, b. circa 1637, d. August 1698
FatherWilliam Moody b. c 1608, d. 25 Oct 1673
MotherSarah (?) b. c 1610, d. 13 Jan 1672/73


     Caleb Moody was born circa 1637 at Mass.4 He died in August 1698 at Mass; moody genealogy.

Other Events

     Caleb Moody and his brother Samuel became Freemen at Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass., on 23 May 1666. Capt. Lawrence Hammond and Phillip Russell also became Freeman at the same time.5

Time Line

Birthc 1637, Mass4
Freeman1666, Cambridge, Middlesex, MassSamuel Moody5
Death1698, Mass
ChartsDescendants of William Moody




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