Richard Treat1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

#2362, b. 28 August 1584, d. 1669/70


Alice Gaylord b. c 1590, d. a 1669


     Richard Treat was born on 28 August 1584 at England.5,3 He married Alice Gaylord on 27 April 1615 at England.5 Richard Treat died in 1669/70 at Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn.3

Other Events

     In circa 1640 Alice and Richard Treat emigrated from England to Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn. His estate was probated on 3 March 1669/70 at Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn.9

Time Line

Birth1584, England5,3
Marriage1615, EnglandAlice Gaylord5
Birth of Daughter1616, EnglandHonour Treat10
Emigrationc 1640, Wethersfield, Hartford, ConnAlice Gaylord
Death1670, Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn3
Probate1670, Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn9
ChartsDescendants of Richard Treat
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Pedigree of Robert Frank Collins
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Pedigree of Thaddeus Collins
Pedigree of Sarah Josephine Gardner


Probate Found


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