Elizabeth (Betsey) Hall

#23, b. 5 October 1791, d. 19 May 1861
FatherJacob Hall b. 5 Aug 1746, d. 23 Dec 1822
MotherDamoras Moore b. 16 Apr 1752, d. 22 Sep 1828


Alpheus Collins b. 24 Sep 1790, d. 16 May 1862


     Elizabeth (Betsey) Hall was born on 5 October 1791 at Morristown, Morris, NJ; RNS gives year as 1790.1,2 She married Alpheus Collins, son of Thaddeus Collins and Esther Foster, on 31 October 1811 at Phelps, Ontario, NY.2 Elizabeth (Betsey) Hall died on 19 May 1861 at Lyndon, Washtenaw, Mich, at age 69; Per cemetery marker; RNS says 1870.3 She was buried on 21 May 1861 at Collins Family Cemetery Lyndon, Washtenaw, Mich.4,5

Other Events

     In circa 1802, Elizabeth (Betsey) Hall and her family moved from Morristown, Morris, NJ, to Phelps, Ontario, NY.
In 1812, Elizabeth (Betsey) and her family moved from Phelps, Ontario, NY, to Rose, Wayne, NY.2 She was in her father Jacob Hall's will made on 19 March 1822 at Phelps, Ontario, NY; Jacob Hall left a will on 19 March 1822 at Phelps, Ontario, NY.
In 1831, Elizabeth (Betsey) and her family moved from Rose, Wayne, NY, to Pittsfield, Washtenaw, Mich.3

Time Line

Birth1791, Morristown, Morris, NJ1,2
Move-toc 1802, Phelps, Ontario, NYJacob Hall
Census1810, Phelps, Ontario, NYJacob Hall6
Marriage1811, Phelps, Ontario, NYAlpheus Collins2
Move-to1812, Rose, Wayne, NYAlpheus Collins2
Birth of Son1812, Rose, Wayne, NYSelah Baxter Collins2
Birth of Son1814, Rose, Wayne, NYJosiah H Collins7
Birth of Son1816, Rose, Wayne, NYWellington Harrison Collins7
Birth of Son1817, Rose, Wayne, NYWalter Dickenson Collins8
Birth of Son1819, Rose, Wayne, NYIsaac F Collins8
Census1820, Wolcott, Wayne, NYAlpheus Collins9
Birth of Daughter1821, Rose, Wayne, NYEsther D Collins8
Will1822, Phelps, Ontario, NYJacob Hall
Birth of Son1823, Rose, Wayne, NYJudson Dwight Collins8
Birth of Son1825, Rose, Wayne, NYDr William W Collins8
Birth of Son1828, Rose, Wayne, NYSidney Algernon Collins8
Census1830, Rose, Wayne, NYAlpheus Collins10
Move-to1831, Pittsfield, Washtenaw, MichAlpheus Collins3
Birth of Son1834, Pittsfield, Washtenaw, MichJames Newton Collins
Census1840, Pittsfield, Washtenaw, MichAlpheus Collins11
Death of Daughter1849Esther D Collins8
Census1850, Lyndon, Washtenaw, MichAlpheus Collins12
Census1860, Lyndon, Washtenaw, MichAlpheus Collins13
Death1861, Lyndon, Washtenaw, Mich3
Burial1861, Collins Family Cemetery Lyndon, Washtenaw, Mich4,5
ChartsMale Descendants of John Collins
Descendants of Thaddeus Collins
Pedigree of Daugherty Collins
Pedigree of Robert Frank Collins
Pedigree of Rodney Arthur Collins
Pedigree of Sarah Josephine Gardner
Selah Collins-William Whitney
Selah Collins-Caspar Collins
Selah Collins-Dwight Moody
Edwin O. Collins-Grover Cleveland
Edwin O Collins-FF Starr
Robert Collins-Edward Collins
Robert Collins-Sarah Gardner
Leslie Collins-Winnifred Collins
Thad + 1G
Thad + 2G
Thad + 3G
Thad + 4G
Thad + 5G
John (18)
Mary (20)
William (14)


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F-A-G Memorial Found


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