John Collins

#2284, b. circa 1522

Spouse 1

First_wife (?) b. c 1525, d. b 1569

Spouse 2

Second_wife (?) b. c 1525, d. b 1580

Spouse 3

Abigail Rose b. c 1560


     John Collins was born at England circa 1522. He married, first, in England circa 1564 First_wife (?).1 He married, second, in England circa 1569 Second_wife (?).1 He married, third, in England before 1580 Abigail Rose.1 He was buried at Bramford, Suffolk, England, on 14 September 1594.1

Other Events

     John Collins was a salter in London and a sailcloth maker in Ipswich.

Time Line

Birthc 1522, England
Marriagec 1564, EnglandFirst_wife (?)1
Birth of Daughterc 1566, EnglandAbigail Collins2
Birth of Daughterc 1568, EnglandElizabeth Collins
Marriagec 1569, EnglandSecond_wife (?)1
Birth of Sonc 1570, EnglandJohn Collins
Marriageb 1580, EnglandAbigail Rose1
Birth of Son1580, Bramford, Suffolk, EnglandSamuel Collins3
Birth of Son1583, Bramford, Suffolk, EnglandDaniel Collins2
Burial1594, Bramford, Suffolk, England1
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Abigail (8)
Daniel (11)
John (18)


Y-DNA Male


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