William Harris1,2,3,4,5

#2251, b. circa 1620, d. before 1688
FatherThomas Harris b. c 1590, d. b 1634
MotherElizabeth (?) b. c 1588, d. 16 Feb 1669/70


Edith Dorney b. c 1620


     William Harris was born circa 1620 at England.6,3 He married Edith Dorney before 1642.7 William Harris died before 1688.

Other Events

     In 1630 William Harris and his parents emigrated from England to Winnissimmett (Chelsea), Suffolk, Mass.8 His estate was probated on 7 November 1719 at Middletown, Middlesex, Conn.9

Time Line

Birthc 1620, England6,3
Emigration1630, Winnissimmett (Chelsea), Suffolk, MassThomas Harris8
Marriageb 1642Edith Dorney7
Birth of Daughterc 1650Hannah Harris
Birth of Daughterc 1653Patience Harris
Deathb 1688
Probate1719, Middletown, Middlesex, Conn9
ChartsDescendants of Thomas Harris
Pedigree of Edward Collins Whitmore
Pedigree of Frank Farnsworth Starr


Probate Found
Middletown First Settler


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