Henry Wolcott1,2,3

#1656, b. circa 1616, d. 12 July 1680
FatherHenry Wolcott b. 6 Dec 1578, d. 30 May 1655
MotherElizabeth Saunders b. c 1584, d. 7 Jul 1655


Sarah Newberry b. c 1622, d. 16 Jun 1684


     Henry Wolcott was born circa 1616 at England.4 He married Sarah Newberry, daughter of Thomas Newberry and Joane Dabinott, on 8 November 1641 at Windsor, Hartford, Conn.5,4 Henry Wolcott died on 12 July 1680 at Windsor, Hartford, Conn.6 He was buried on 13 July 1680 at Palisado Cemetery Windsor, Hartford, Conn.7

Other Events

     Henry and his parents emigrated from England to Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass., on the Mary and John.8 In 1636, Henry Wolcott and his parents moved from Dorchester, Suffolk, MA, to Windsor, Hartford, Conn.9,8 His estate was probated on 19 July 1680 at Windsor, Hartford, Conn.10
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