Uriah Wade

#141, b. 30 July 1792, d. 11 October 1871
FatherAlverson Wade b. 28 Oct 1761, d. c 1828
MotherNaomi Munger b. 14 Aug 1763, d. a 7 Aug 1820

Spouse 1

Sally Collins b. Mar 1800, d. 14 May 1837

Spouse 2

Mary Gates b. c 1806, d. 14 Nov 1879


     Uriah Wade was born on 30 July 1792 at Springfield, Hampden, Mass; Uriah was born in what today is Chicopee. Until 1848, it was a part of Springfield.1,2 He married Sally Collins, daughter of Thaddeus Collins and Esther Foster, circa 1817 at NY. Uriah Wade married Mary Gates on 5 March 1838 at Mich; Per Pam. Uriah Wade died on 11 October 1871 at Concord, Jackson, Mich, at age 79; Per grave marker.3 He was buried on 13 October 1871 at Maple Grove Cemetery Concord, Jackson, Mich; There is also a marker for Uriah in the West Concord Cemetery.4,5,6

Other Events

     The most reliable indication of Sally's date of birth is her grave marker, which says she died in 1837 at the age of 37. Her family moved from Brandon, VT, to Phelps, NY, in 1799, so she was born in Phelps very soon after her parents arrived there. The family moved from Phelps to Rose, NY, in 1814. AS Roe, in Rose Neighborhood Sketches, says she married Uriah Wade in 1807. This probably should be 1817, in view of her and Uriah's ages at that time. Her first child was born in 1818. Note that Sally's sister, Esther, was born in NH in 1787, per Brandon, VT, records.
In circa 1797, Uriah Wade and his family moved from Springfield, Hampden, MA, to Paris, Oneida, NY.
In 1835, Uriah and his family moved from Rose, Wayne, NY, to Concord, Jackson, Mich.3
On 2 August 1837, Uriah bought land in Jackson, Mich.7
Uriah's sister Mary Wade married his wife's brother Moses Collins; and Uriah's first cousin Harriet Shepard married his wife's brother Thaddeus Collins.

Time Line

Birth1792, Springfield, Hampden, Mass1,2
Move-toc 1797, Paris, Oneida, NYAlverson Wade
Census1800, Paris, Oneida, NYAlverson Wade8
Census1810, Oneida, NYAlverson Wade9
Marriagec 1817, NYSally Collins
Birth of Son1818, Wayne, NYThaddeus Wade3
Census1820, Wolcott, Wayne, NYSally Collins10
Birth of Son1822, Wayne, NYLawson Wade3
Birth of Daughter1822, Wayne, NYPerlina Wade3
Birth of Son1828, Wayne, NYClinton Wade3
Census1830, Rose, Wayne, NYSally Collins11
Birth of Son1830, Wayne, NYChauncey Wade3
Birth of Son1833, Wayne, NYMilan D Wade3
Birth of Daughter1834, Wayne, NYCordelia Wade3
Move-to1835, Concord, Jackson, MichSally Collins3
Death of Wife1837, Concord, Jackson, MichSally Collins3
Buy-Land1837, Jackson, Mich7
Marriage1838, MichMary Gates
Birth of Daughter1839, MichLorinda (Sally) Wade
Census1840, Concord, Jackson, MichMary Gates12
Birth of Son1844, MichCharles Wade
Birth of Son1846, MichSylvester W Wade
Census1850, Concord, Jackson, MichMary Gates13
Census1860, Concord, Jackson, MichMary Gates14
Census1870, Concord, Jackson, MichMary Gates15
Death1871, Concord, Jackson, Mich3
Burial1871, Maple Grove Cemetery Concord, Jackson, Mich4,5,6
ChartsDescendants of Jonathan Wade
Descendants of Thaddeus Collins
Thad + 1G
Thad + 2G
Thad + 3G
Thad + 4G
Thad + 5G


F-A-G Memorial Found


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