Miranda Ann Cooper

#1352, b. October 1870, d. 20 September 1935


George B Tripp b. Jan 1863, d. bt 1921 - 1930


     Miranda Ann Cooper was born in October 1870 at Kans; Per census and grave marker. She married George B Tripp, son of Palmer Gardner Tripp and Cordelia Wade, in 1891; Per census. Miranda Ann Cooper died on 20 September 1935 at Ark at age 64; Per find a grave. She was buried on 23 September 1935 at Liberty Cemetery Sulphur Rock, Independence, Ark.1

Time Line

Birth1870, Kans
Marriage1891George B Tripp
Birth of Son1892, KansEarl A Tripp
Birth of Daughter1894, Fort Scott, KansIris Tripp
Birth of Son1897, MichEddie Ray Tripp
Census1900, Pulaski, Jackson, MichGeorge B Tripp2
Birth of Daughter1902, MontEva May Tripp
Birth of Son1905, MontCarl G Tripp
Birth of Daughter1908, MontMary E Tripp
Census1910, Pine Hills, Custer, MontGeorge B Tripp3
Birth of Daughter1911, MontMillie C Tripp
Birth of Daughter1915, MontDaisy Tripp
Census1920, Gainsboro, Independence, ArkGeorge B Tripp4
Census1930, Gainsboro, Independence, Ark5
Death1935, Ark
Burial1935, Liberty Cemetery Sulphur Rock, Independence, Ark1
ChartsDescendants of Jonathan Wade
Descendants of Thaddeus Collins
Descendants of Palmer Tripp
Thad + 3G
Thad + 4G
Thad + 5G


F-A-G Memorial Found


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